• Towards a well-managed cloud platform for superlative business agility

It is good idea to opt for cloud infrastructure management services post data migration of the organization.

A must-have service that ensures full support and service of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) & Platform as a Service (PaaS) in terms of business delivery and performance. Also, it ensures a blend of existing processes and resources for optimum use and delivery accompanied by Scalability to meet and satisfy the requirements of the dynamic business scenarios.

Why Cloud Management-Managed Services?

Outsourcing cloud managed services promise a satisfactory and a comprehensive experience of the data transformation in terms of business operations and competency.

For any organization, the migration to the cloud platform is the beginning of an entire new journey and hence cloud management – managed services play a vital role. These services are designed to cater to ensure the cloud migration and transformation meets up with the promised deliverables of scalability, flexibility, always available and security, data storage, data retrieval and top level of cyber security to name a few of them.

Outsourcing cloud managed services promise a satisfactory and a comprehensive experience of the data transformation in terms of business operations and competency.

Rest assured, the organization can fully focus on business growth with cost efficient data infrastructure and smooth operations.

Benefits of Cloud Management-Managed Services

  • 24x7x365 In-depth monitoring, reporting and business data analytics
  • Holistic Approach towards managing the cloud, infrastructure set up and applications, data center modernization, application and networks
  • Customized yet Agile Cloud setup and framework as per business requirements
  • Security management through latest cybersecurity protocols and controls
  • Cloud Operations and Cloud Solutions powered with AI for a super-efficient performance
  • Cloud architecture in total compliance across the existing cloud platforms across the globe
  • Always-on availability and scalability to as per on-demand requirements
  • Cost-effective pay-per-use model with feasibility of single SLA
  • Efficient Backup and Disaster Recovery systems in place
  • Assured Smooth End-to-End Cloud Services and Governance

Projects & Services

Incident Management

How about a ring of safety that offers to keep up with the pace of data operations as needed? Incident Management is that ring of safety that ensures to identify and offer alternatives to ensure smooth sailing of the system while saving on money as well time resources.

  • Advance workload Management
  • DC pillar Management
Third party
Application Management

A must for an organization that uses use third-party applications to ensure protection of vulnerable data and a security solution in place that offers multi-level protection of data and vital resources enabling total focus on business growth and deliverables.

Performance and
application troubleshooting

While downtime performance is simply a big NO, it is essential to keep a comprehensive track of processes and identify the source of slow down for prompt resolution and seamless performance thereafter.

Cloud usage forecasting

An integral component for an organization to estimate the usage of the cloud in the present and in the future. With most of the cloud offered on pay as you go basis, it is essential to keep track of usage and their bills while always referring to tracking past consumption, forecasting cloud usage does become simple over a period of time.

Cost Management

For a migration that promises cost benefits all the way, cloud cost management refers to the finding ways and means to optimize cloud usage while maintaining performance efficiency. It gives an understanding to cloud operation and technology in financial terms and resources.

Multi Cloud Management
with Azure ARC

Simplify to organize and manage multi cloud using the Azure Arc. Compatible with Windows, Linux, SQL Server, and Kubernetes clusters, the Azure Arc offers a wide range of innovative and cloud benefits with a host of Azure applications, data and machine learning services.