Transforming business with IoT and AI
  • 04-Dec-2021 ,

Webinar Type: ETT

Technology: IoT Implementing AI

Practice: IoT

Duration: 2 Hrs.

Speaker: Nabajyoti

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and AI are components of a revolution that is transforming the way people, devices and data interact in every sphere of life. It’s not just about cutting-edge technology, it’s about the digital transformation of industries and reshaping of businesses. This session will showcase how to create and deploy an Azure function to make a language translation IoT device. The function will use Cognitive Speech Service. Your device will record a voice in a foreign language and convert the speech to a target language.


  • Configure an IoT device to an IoT Hub.
  • Integrate Cognitive Speech Service into an Azure function
  • Deploy an Azure function app.
  • Test your Azure function app with an IoT device.


  • IoT and AI solution development
  • Connecting device and azure AI service
  • Solve your AI and IoT challenges