Spring 6 with Spring Boot 3
  • 12-Nov-2022 ,

Webinar Type: ETT

Technology: Micro front-end

Practice: OSS

Duration: 2 Hrs.

Speaker: Priyanka

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The annual Spring One conference was held online last September 1-2 due to an epidemic, and Pivotal (the owner of the Spring Project) hosts this conference once a year to meet with thousands of developers, customers, and partners from around the world to share technical practices and discuss technology trends. Each conference also reveals the next big step in the Spring Project’s evolution. The highlight of this year’s conference is Spring Framework 6.0. Let’s look at Spring’s roadmap for the coming period.


Baseline Upgrade

Milestone steps to switch to Spring 6.0 & Spring Boot 3.0

Upgarde to Jakarta EE9

Third-party support changes and more