Cloud Governance – Bringing Everything Together.
Cloud Governance – Bringing Everything Together.
  • 13-Jan-2022 ,
  • Online Event,

Speaker: Anand Prabhu

Cloud Governance has supported efficient managerial and administrative activities. There is still scope for the advancement of this concept as more and more organizations will get associated with cloud services. Evolution of the cloud governance will ensure good corporate governance. It will enable the organization to stay ahead of the traditional approach.



  • Digital Transformation
  • Challenges faced by Infrastructure teams in adopting the transformation
  • Planning the Cloud Journey
  • Microsoft Cloud Adoption framework
  • Implementing Governance in the Cloud Era

Event Take away:

  • Configure: Configure resources & Automate the tasks that allow you to eliminate redundancy, minimize time and effort and increase accuracy and efficiency.
  • Monitor: Collect & analyze data to audit the performance, health, and availability of resources OR Understand how applications are performing and proactively identify issues affecting them and the resources they depend on.
  • Govern (Cost): Accurately analyze spending in Azure & enable accurate chargebacks
  • Govern (Policy): Ensure that only allowed resources are created by authorized users
  • Protect: Keep your business data safe and recoverable when outages & Back up data to Azure cloud.
  • Secure: Make sure that applications hosted in Azure are secured
  • Compliance: Real-time policy enforcement and evaluation

Azure Governance, one of the aspects of Azure Management, has various concepts and services that are designed to enable the management of various Azure resources. Understanding the different available tools for a variety of management scenarios becomes necessary.  

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