Azure VM Image Builder
  • 26-Nov-2022 ,

Webinar Type: ETT
Technology: Micro front-end
Practice: OSS
Duration: 3 Hrs.
Speaker: Shyam Talke
Registration: Click here

Synopsys: In this session, we will be learning about Azure Virtual Machine Builder; it brings a drastic change in the process of current image provisioning and management. It’s a scalable solution that provides simplicity in managing your customized image and helps to make distribution easy.


•             The key agenda for the session is as below

o             Building Images Today.

o             Traditional Approach.

o             Challenges faced in building images.

o             Know more about Azure VM image builder.

o             How it works.

o             Benefits of using AIB.

o             Permissions and Pricing.

o             Lab - Create Linux image.

o             Lab - Create Windows image