AI & ML in DevOps
  • 22-Jan-2022 ,

Webinar Type: ETT

Technology: AI & ML in DevOps

Practice: DEVOPS

Duration: 2 Hrs.

Speaker: Mahendra

Registration : Click here

AI & ML are new trends in IT, Both of these could be used to improve software quality by integrating them to variable tools in devops. Be it Code scanning (vulnerability assessment) or IT infrastructure. It can also speed up the development by suggesting the the code snippets.  Bug Detection, Auto selecting test cases to run. This webinar would discuss most of the benefits AI & ML would offer to devops


  • Overview of DevOPs & Authomation in Worflows
  • Current challenges in Workflows / DevOps
  • AI in Development (Code Assist)
  • AI in Testing 
  • ML in Vulnerability Assessment
  • AI/ML to improve tracability and insights

Understand the next trend in devops, what AI/ML could do to improve devops