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Data Estate Modernization

It is a proven solution for organizations who are struggling to handle voluminous data amidst hurdles to overcome issues in data integration.

Data estate modernization offers a reference architecture that synchronizes legacy systems for delivering BI amidst the cloud environment while offering a data-driven targeted advanced analytics and AI-applications for strategic planning.

Why Data Estate Modernization?

Data estate modernization involves modernizing legacy application for compatibility with new applications across the cloud platform for optimized delivery.

Benefit of Data Estate Modernization

Maximize Investment while reducing cost

The organization can enjoy the total cost of ownership at reduced costs with faster performance and delivery coupled with consumption based billing cycles and save on software licensing costs too.

State-of-the-art award-winning security

Capitalize on encrypted data along with access control to the database feature while ensuring continuous monitoring of data across the cloud platform.

Advanced BI for the resolution of complex business issues.

Be at the advantage edge with apps powered with advanced ML and AI parameters for critical analytical information.

Projects & Services

  • Analytics Data pipe Management
  • IOT Data Pipe Management
  • Database Migration
  • Bigdata Management
  • ETL-Extract Transform Load Process

Analytics Data pipe Management

Every organization should have in place an Analytics Data pipe and its management which ensures reliable and well-structured data for analytical purpose and reasoning. It is very much feasible to have in place a well-established Analytics Data pipe Management service for consolidating data from varied sources for strategic business analysis.

IOT Data Pipe Management

The bonus offering from IoT emerging technology which is very well capable of handling collection of data, its aggregation and analysis across its movement from the collection point in the device to the centralized location for analysis or for storage.

Database Migration

An extremely crucial process that involves moving data from one platform to the cloud but needs to be undertaken after proper assessment and evaluation of the existing platform and its compatibility across the new platform along with modifications, if requried for its smooth operations.

Bigdata Management

Big data management refers to guidelines, policies, procedures and technology used in data management and processes involved therein. It includes information relating data collection, storage, governance, integration, analysis and even deletion, if not required taking into account safety and security measures.

ETL-Extract Transform Load Process

A vital process of data integration strategy and in production of business intelligence while providing insights to achieve data management strategies in the broader sense. The extract, transform, and load – ETL enables collection of data, redefinition of data on basis of its types and its delivery to the warehouse for storage and processing.